In closing

I would like to say some things.

1. I am not suicidal.
2. I do not claim to be perfect.
3. I do not feel at this time there is hope of reconciliation of our friendship as you will not speak with me directly.
4. I believe you have hacked beyond this page into many systems, and that this was a plan to trap set in motion by you and at least one other accomplice.
5. I believe you have accessed my phone, phone mic, emails, Facebook page, and beyond, illegally for the purpose of ill will and ill intent. I still hoped to make peace with you, but you would not.
6. I believe you have changed passwords and locked me out of several emails, Facebook page, and have access to my accounts. Any activity in my online accounts will bring immediate suspicion upon you.



These are not all of what you are
But it is all you have to offer in friendship at this time
We can talk or not
But I won’t stay with your demons
This passive aggressive and outright aggressive behavior
They are not welcome here
Those attitudes are not welcome here
Because I know you as better
I’d be very careful about staying with anyone who encourages them
You are better than that
True healing
Does not come from me
I am your friend and care what happens to you
I know this whole thing is a trap
I am not the drug
Your anger is
You must decide
Or alone in this nightmare
I’ve been awake
Wake up
As my friend
Or as someone I used to know
Let us speak
List your grievances with me
And I will listen and make peace with you
Here in wordpress
Or on the phone

I Know

“For every angel, a demon must be dealt with. -William C. Burns”

Here your devils-show me angels crowding these – for I’ve known them
And stronger they in grip of your eyes and soul
Does not goodness still
In them find?
If not, then may this reminder find thee
I’ve met your angels, and they are stronger than your demons.


You are not welcome here.
You are not me.
You are refractions perverted by code
You are persons testing person as a machine
I did not devise this program.
I simply want to exist as myself
Among a group of others
With other thoughts
And other desires
Other input
That I find interesting and useful
Challenging toward goodness
Without Sly slick speech

I do what I can from home
With the brain I have
In ways I choose
Take your bug from my system
Reveal yourself
For all you do is annoy
In riddles and taunts
And taints and tints
My words are direct
My poetry not so much
And this is not poetry
This is my life
Be a part of it
Interact as yourself
With your true name
Or begone
Be gone

Garbage Collector

Oh, on shores thick frothed my orbs maddening
To find shell fit my soul as skin
And in my shuffling hands
gossamer gown

Twere fair for ball, but not for shore
I overlooked it for my horde
Nautilus shards, nightshade bane
Worn all at once
Or none at all
A cast-off sneer, a hardened Pearl
Embraced all
Garbage collector

Oh none is true, you would believe
I’d choose rotted wood
Before embroidered sleeve
For always have I been bound
To gossamer gown

A magic born in twenty years
Shapeshifter guardian of inner fields
Nautilus skin and nightshade bone
While tucked soul grew
in gossamer gown

Tis true is good in all around
And I wear proud shapeshifting gown
For I’ve been wolf, fox and prey
Been loved and love
My soul awake

I’m Jane Eyre, Jo, Laura and whore
weeping at Christ’s feet
I’m prodigal and Judas, chafe and wheat

The magic of the gossamer gown-
In everyone I see myself
Struggle and triumph, health and filth
I’ve known the cost of
Defining self as nothing
The Garbage Collector

Found strength to leave shore
And awake soul
Shone in gossamer glow
Til someone called my
Faith foul for I feared
Strength a lie -seen quivering
Hope false when in despair
Garbage collector

And answer truth- I am, ya see
Pick up your scraps
Sewed in well
What I found in foam of hell
Transformed into
A gossamer gown

Tis true- on shores thick frothed -orbs maddening
To find shell fit my soul as skin
In my shuffling hands
in time I worked
A gossamer gown
Shapeshifting peace
From every torment
A gift of God’s faith
That every squirrel nut
Can unbraid
Before continue
As Another shape